The Illustrated Woman
Fringe Festival '19| University of the Arts

Produced in the 2019 Fringe Festival through the University of the Arts,  Vertjanova's The Illustrated Woman, written by Nancy Kiefer, is a constructivist inspired and design-led exploration of what it means to look to the women of our past for our present strength.


Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras 

Zachary Hates Everything...
Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival 

A staged reading, written by Doriane Feinstein and produced by PWTF, about mental illness and consent through the eyes of hallucinated classical composers. The play was recorded by "The Upstage" and the podcast can be found here! 


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Photo Credit: Kristen Elizabeth Photography

King Lear
Director's Workshop | Univerity of the Arts

A 20 minute adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear, produced in the UArts Director's Workshop, this version explores the similarities of Cordelia and Edmund's paths in relation to their familial dynamics through dreamlike physicality and a little paint. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Silver

Equinox Festival | University of the Arts​

Written by Hannah Sandler, this one act comedically follows a football that just wants to be chosen for the big game but is accused of cheating after being deflated by one of the players - becoming a satirical and on the nose allegory for modern victim blaming. 

Photo Credit: Cass Meehan

In Full Bloom
Rabbit Punch Festival
This short piece in a festival for "short, hard, fast theatre" by Paige Zubel explores what it is to grieve and how our relationships are changed by it. 

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