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Ulysses Missa

Nominated for Best Direction in the New York Theatre Festival Summerfest 2022 Season!

Celebrating the work of James Joyce and celebrating the communion we find in connection with each other, Ulysses Missa is an 80-minute a capella musical and joyous ritual of finding new family and rediscovering old. 

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Unorthodox Methods of Cosmic Flight

Part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2021, 

A mostly devised performance inspired by Ilya Kabakov's "The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment" (pictured, the second photograph), two dubious characters fight over which one of them will be flung into space in their makeshift slingshot, as the actors create in real-time a visual installation in conversation with Kabakov's earlier work. 

Photo Credit: Colin Sass

We're Here Because You Are

What happens when you mash up a theatrical production, a gallery, and a choose-your-own-adventure story? We're Here Because You Are was developed for the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe as a virtual production because of Covid 19. Audience choose their path through a custom-built website by selecting artwork or following actor prompts

The gallery was curated using a telephone-style game where artists were sent work from previous artists, and made images, sculptures, prompts, or written work based on what they received. Actors created monologues also through this process. Overall we had about 30 to 40 participants from 5 different countries and 10 different states

The Illustrated Woman

Produced in the 2019 Fringe Festival through the University of the Arts,  Vertjanova's The Illustrated Woman, written by Nancy Kiefer, is a constructivist-inspired and design-led exploration of what it means to look to the women of our past for our present strength.

A livingroom drama turned experimental, some key moments of this production include the use of a puppet as a character and the prevalence of non-dance-specific movement as a secondary language. 


Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras

Zachary Hates Everything...

A staged reading, written by Doriane Feinstein and produced by the Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival, deals with mental illness and consent through the eyes of hallucinated classical composers. The play was recorded by "The Upstage" and the podcast can be found here! 


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Photo Credit: Kristen Elizabeth Photography