Co-produced with Juniper Productions


Tempes: 2122, the first project sponsored by Juniper's Distillery is made of up three prongs: A community time capsule, a podcast, and a gallery/theatrical installation.  

The capsule is assembled by the community in  North West Philadelphia. The podcast then follows a historian and an anthropologist from the future who discover the capsule of memorabilia and memories, created 101 years previously. The experience culminates in a theatrical gallery tour given by the historians of the future wondering what kind of people we were in the past.  

2021 Philadelphia Fringe

Unorthodox Methods of Cosmic Flight

The upcoming Fringe Space show is based heavily on an installation work from the '80s, titled, "The Man Who Frew into Space From His Apartment" created by Ilya Kabakov. The apartment is torn apart and in the middle of the room is a giant slingshot rigged together from old furniture pieces, an empty pair of shoes, and a hole in the ceiling. 

What does it mean to look back at how you got where you are? How far will we push ourselves to break out of isolation? What does it mean to yearn for space?

Too much paint, silent astronauts, and distressed neighbors - I am excited to see what this year's Fringe brings. 

View-of-installation-Ronald- (1).jpg
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